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Alan Kennedy-Shaffer is a Colorado activist.

Civic Matters interview

Alan Kennedy-Shaffer, Chris Diehn

Civic Matters August 7;·

Civic Matters had the great honor of having two courageous citizens in our studio last week. These two have been consistently fighting for a better healthcare system for all in our country.

Chris Diehn, Secretary of the Democratic Socialists of America - Denver and Alan Kennedy-Shaffer candidate for Senate for CO District 34 and Pro Bono Attorney representing five brave Denver activists, discussed with us what happened at the Healthcare protest in early July that took place at Senator Cory Gardner's Denver Office. Despite the fact that they were invited to speak with Senator Cory Gardner about this important issue, Gardner called the police to arrest five meeting attendees when they refused to leave.

Host Thomas Quay Williams talked with them about the deeper issues of our healthcare system and why the US is consistently the worst healthcare provider for its people among industrialized countries. He asks what options we have to transform this system and what we can do to make it happen.[1]