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Albert L. Sargis is a Massachusetts socialist.

Supporting Committees of Correspondence

In 1995 Al Sargis was listed[1] as one of the "CoC members and friends" donating to Committees of Correspondence. He contributed $25.

Al L. Sargis sent greetings to the Second Committees of Correspondence National Conference, held July 12-14 1996, in New York.[2]

Communist Party MLK tribute

On January 19, 2002, the Communist Party USA newspaper, Peoples Weekly World published a signed tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr..

We salute Dr. King’s courage and vision. He saw and struggled for an America and world that can be. We pledge in his memory to work to reorder our nation’s priorities “so that the pursuit of peace will take precedence over the pursuit of war.”

Signatories included Albert L. Sargis. Almost all signatories were confirmed members of the Communist Party USA[3].

Center for Marxist Education

In 2004 Al L. Sargis was the Director of the Center for Marxist Education.[4]

Open Letter to Obama on Iran

In 2008 Albert Sargis of UAW Local 2324, Boston, MA signed an online petition “A Open Letter to Barack Obama on Iran”.[5]

CCDS member

On May 27 2010, Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism member Greg King, wrote an email to several "CCDS members", forwarded from "Carl D", (probably Carl Davidson) on the subject of a John Case article on the just finished Communist Party USA National Convention in New York. The email named the "CCDS members" as Al Sargis, Jim Nakamura, John Witeck, Joe Bageant, W. A. Halabi, Mort Ahmadifar, Oliver Lee, Gary Hicks and Sandy Rosen.[6]

From: Greg King <>
Subject: FW: [CCDS Members] FYI from CarlD: JCase's Reflections on the CPUSA 29th Convention''
"Al Sargis" <>, "Jim Nakamura" <>, "John Witeck" <>, "Joe Bageant" <>, "W.A. Halabi" <>, "Mort Ahmadifar" <>, "Oliver Lee" <>, "Gary Hicks" <>, "Sandy Rosen"

Breaking the silence, Dr. Martin Luther King

On January 16 2011, presentations by Al Sargis, "Resistance to Racism of African-American Soldiers, Marines, and Sailors During the Vietnam War"; and by Gary Hicks, "Against Militarism, Racism, and Exploitation: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the National Security State", were held at Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library, Oakland.

Co-sponsors: Elizabeth Gurley Flynn Community Club, Communist Party USA; and Friedrich Engels Institute of Marxist War and Military Analysis.[7]


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