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Adam Taylor

Adam Russell Taylor is an Associate Minister at Shiloh Baptist Church in Washington DC where Dr. Wallace Charles Smith serves as Senior Pastor.[1]


Taylor worked as an Associate at the Harvard University Carr Center for Human Rights.

Taylor is also an Urban Fellow in the Department of Housing Preservation and Development in New York City.

White House arrest


Shane Claiborne June 26, 2018 ·

BREAKING... Eleven faith leaders have been arrested at the White House. Here is our statement from today's witness.

Those arrested were: Rev. William Barber, Shane Claiborne, Don Golden, executive director of Red Letter Christians; Rev. Adam Taylor, Executive Director of Sojourners; Jim Wallis, president of Sojourners, Rev. Alex Dyer; Rev. Chaz Howard, UPenn Chaplain; Rev. Doug Pagitt, Vote Common Good; Noel Castellanos, executive director, Christian Community Development Association; Rev. William Gipson; and Jane Saari.


As members of the clergy, we have made vows to proclaim the truth of Scripture and lead people of faith in making sound moral choices in their private and public lives. Today we joined together in a prayer of defiance outside the White House to demonstrate that we will not cooperate with policies that separate families. We invite others to join us by taking direct action at places in our communities where the policy violence of this administration is being executed.

Jubilee USA Network

Taylor served as the co-chair for the Jubilee USA Network.[2]

Global Interdependence Initiative

Taylor served on the Advisory Board of the Global Interdependence Initiative,[3] an effort to better inform, and more effectively motivate, American public support for forms of U.S. international engagement that are appropriate to an interdependent world.[4]

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Global Justice

Taylor co-founded and was the executive director of Global Justice, an organization that educates, trains, and mobilizes students around issues of global human rights and economic justice.[5] He is now on the board of directors.[6]

Micah Challenge

Taylor serves on the board for Micah Challenge USA.[7]

Africa Action involvement

In 2009, Adam Taylor was listed on the Board of Directors for Africa Action.[8]

Mobilization to End Poverty

The Mobilization to End Poverty Conference was held in Washington, D.C. from April 26 - 29, 2009, and was hosted by Sojourners and sponsored by World Vision.

The following were training session leaders at the conference:[9]

Advanced Social Justice Advocacy :


Taylor currently serves as the Senior (Political) Director of Campaigns and Organizing at Sojourners/Call to Renewal, a 36-year old Christian organization that integrates spiritual renewal with social justice.[10] He is responsible for leading the organization’s advocacy, coalition building, and constituency outreach.[11]