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Activist San Diego is a social justice organization that promotes and facilitates the development of an active, inter-related, progressive community in San Diego through networking, culture and electronic technology.


Activist San Diego· September 19, 2018 ·


With Darwin Fishman, Michelle Svoboda, Henri Jourdain, Adrienne Richardson Durso, Buki Domingos, Benny Tea, Sarah Kadous, Lalo Velasco, Martin Eder and Daniel Eder.


Activist San Diego board, June 2019;[1]

Activist San Diego board, July 2013;


Green New Deal meeting


Activist San Diego - Monthly Mtg.-Green New Deal

Public · Hosted by Karl Aldinger

Monday, May 20, 2019 at 7 PM – 9 PM

3900 Vermont St, San Diego, CA 92103, United States.

Green New Deal -Building a Campaign to transform the US Economy @ the Activist San Diego Community Membership meeting

Please come and listen to a forceful presentation on the Green New Deal by Dr. Raghavan (Jay) Jayakumar, a retired physicist from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.[3]

Road involvement


Report on the "Build a Campaign for the Green New Deal" Meeting. (Liberation Road June 2019 newsletter.

Members of Activist San Diego and KNSJ Radio,, as well as Liberation Road and other allies, promoted and attended this meeting on Monday, May 20th, 2019. The purpose/topic of the meeting was to discuss on What is the Green New Deal? How could it transform the US economy and government spending? Focus was centered on the history of environmental initiatives in the USA and the role that climate activists and environmental organizers can play in bringing the "Green New Deal" to reality in the U.S. In lieu of a short film that could not be screened due to technical issues, former ASD Board President, Road member Jay Jayakumar, instead spoke of what is at stake via the science of warming temperatures on earth due to human activity. The meeting ended with commentary on a hopeful note that something found be done to mitigate/reverse this trend via grassroots/media/alliance building campaigns and to follow up with another meeting at a time to be announced.

The Road will continue to be involved with this issue and follow up meetings.

Defeating White Supremacy


"Defeating White Supremacy; Winning Power with a Grassroots United Front Strategy".

  • Building Independent Progressive Political Alliances
  • Winning Power with a Grassroots United Front Strategy
  • Defeating White Supremacy and the Corporate Power of the 1% with a People's Program

Monday, Sept. 18, 2017 7-9 pm

Activist San Diego's Meeting. Joyce Beers Community Center Hillcrest - 3900 Vermont. 1 Topic: After the extraordinary campaign of Bernie Sanders, the victories of left-progressives in Jackson, Miss., Richmond, CA, Newark, NJ, Seattle and elsewhere we ask, “What can we do here in San Diego to build a progressive independent political organization or alliance;?” Join the forum; Speak out and Organize!


Join us & participate to hear national organizer. Juliet Ucelli has profound insights into issues of race, class, gender and the political power structure. She is a leading member of Freedom Road Socialist Organization/OSCL