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Abortion Action Fund Inc., Logo

Abortion Access Fund, Inc. is a non-profit organization associated with Affiliated Reproductive Health Clinics[1] and AbortionClinics.org that was started May 1st, 2000 by Dr. LeRoy Carhart and Mary Carhart. There are two locations: Bellevue, Nebraska and Germantown, Maryland.[2]

Chelsea Souder is the Director of the Abortion Access Fund, Inc. and serves as the Assistant Clinic Administrator at AbortionClinics.org.[3]

Recipient of Open Society Funding

Affiliated Reproductive Health Clinics was awarded a grant for $14,953 over four months to "improve security at a reproductive health rights clinic serving Nebraska and surrounding states."

Abortion Care Network

The Abortion Access Fund, Inc. is aligned with the Abortion Care Network, an organization funded by Open Society Foundation's Communities Against Hate initiative.[4]


Abortion Access Fund, Inc. mission "is to increase access to safe and legal abortion care for women throughout the Midwest with financial and other assistance."[5]

Raising Money for Abortion

Chelsea Souder is the contact for fundraiser titled "One Million for Abortion Access."[6]

Here is an excerpt:

"Currently, LeRoy Carhart works in Germantown, MD providing gestationally advanced [late term] abortion care services. He is only one of four doctors in the Country who are trained and actively performing gestationally advanced abortions, and also the only doctor east of the Mississippi who is performing this care. Due to efforts made by anti-choice terrorists, they have been able to raise enough money to buy out the clinic. For a few years, Lee has been trying to purchase a clinic in Maryland that will not only provide gestationally advanced abortion care, but also training future providers.
"We are asking one million supporters to donate at least $2 to our fund to help Lee purchase this clinic. Women's access to basic healthcare is under seize and endangered, and your donation will keep abortion accessible not only now but in the future."


According to the Abortion Access Fund, Inc. website:[7]

"In 2009 the Bellevue, Nebraska clinic was damaged by an arson fire. That fire, which was believed to have been set by anti-choice criminals, caused all records prior to 2009 to be lost and destroyed. Therefore, accurately tracking how many women were funded prior to that time is not possible."

Botched Abortions

An article posted at Operation Rescue's website[8] details numerous instances of alleged botched abortions by Dr. LeRoy Carhart.


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