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Jamala Rogers and Aaron Burnett

Template:TOCnestleft Aaron Burnett... has been organizing and advocating around workers’ rights for over ten years. Prior to joining Organization for Black Struggle, Burnett was a healthcare worker who became the local union steward at his workplace. He went on to become a full-time organizer for Jobs with Justice where he coordinated campaigns and staffed the JwJ’s leadership bodies. As the County Organizer, Aaron carries out Organization for Black Struggle’s basebuilding goals via ballot initiatives and other grassroots campaigns.[1]

"Cap the Rate and Raise the Wage!"


Progress Missouri May 6, 2012 · ·

This is what democracy looks like! More than 350,000 signatures submitted to the Missouri Secretary of State to Cap the Rate and Raise the Wage!

Did you and your friends sign the petitions? Tag the photo here! — with Frank Kovarik, Bob Minor, Derek Wetherell, Charlie Edelen IV, Eric Meyer, Montague Simmons, Joseph Anthony, Richard Von Glahn, Jim Kottmeyer, Jeff Ordower, Trista Soendker Nicholson, Caitlyn Adams, Cathy Sherwin, Matthew Patterson, Alexandra Townsend, Alyssa Soendker, Lara Granich, Mary Clemons, Wayne Brekhus, Robin Acree, James Powell, Julie Terbrock, Bradley Harmon, Aaron Burnett, Reese Erick Forbes, Jonathan Byrd, Amy Smoucha, Jimmy Lappe, David Martino, Lenny Jones, Mary Still, Eva Kathleen Schulte, Kim Clark, Jeanette Mott Oxford, Nancy Cross, Jeff Mazur, Dick Wilson, Brendan Smith, Roy Temple, Sarah Wood Martin, Adam J. Shriver, Phil Snider, A.J. Bockelman, Tianna Soendker and Shannon Duffy.

Jobs with Justice

In 2009 Aaron Burnett was Missouri contact for Jobs with Justice.[2]


Tony Pecinovsky March 25, 2009


Made with PicDoodle: http://apps.facebook.com/picdoodle/view?drawing_id=28e14a2813f241d8&ref=photos — with Richard Von Glahn, Angie Evans Holman, Cathy Sherwin, Aaron Burnett, Dawn Berkbigler, Aaron Margolis and Julie Terbrock.

OBS activists

Organization for Black Struggle activists.

1980s Derek Huggins, Brenda McGee

Jamala Rogers, Montague Simmons, Kalimu Endesha, Halisi Lester, Waylon McDonald.[3] · Juliette Jacobs, Audrey Hollis and Nikia Paulette[4] · Darrick Smith, Aaron Burnett, Reuben Louis Riggs-Bookman, Grady Brown.[5], Tef Poe, Kayla Reed. ·