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Communists and ACORN

Johnnie Hunter writing in Challenge:

The world owes the Chinese people a great debt, for their sacrifice and determination in containing the virus initially. They are now engaged in one of the biggest international humanitarian aid efforts ever seen. Socialist Cuba, despite the cruel US blockade, has sent doctors and antiviral medication to countries across the globe.
Here in Britain we have seen the heroism and superhuman efforts of our NHS and other frontline workers to combat the crisis. Despite being separated from their families for extended periods, working around the clock under unbearable conditions, they haven’t flinched.

Just as inspiring, we have seen working people, in the face of government incompetence, seize the initiative and set out the help their communities and front-line staff through this crisis in a myriad of ways, big and small.
As part of this broad effort, the YCL’s branches have launched Covid-19 Aid Campaigns up and down the country with the aim of spreading awareness, offering support and organising in our communities.
Even before the government confirmed a lock down, YCLers were distributing leaflets and posters in their neighbourhoods volunteering to assist the elderly, the less able and more vulnerable people.

The same types of campaigns are being run by Britain’s inspiring tenants’ unions, Acorn and Living Rent. Alongside these groups and the labour movement, Britain’s communists have been organising and lobbying at a local and a national level for concrete measures to combat the crisis and support front-line workers.[1]

2021 conference

May 2021 ·

This weekend is the annual ACORN UK Conference, and while it’s online this year due to the pandemic, this hasn’t stopped over 40 delegates and elected Board members from across England & Wales from getting on with the democratic business of the union, discussing and carrying their branches’ votes on motions put forward by our members.


Rohan Kon, Nick Ballard, Emma Kitt, Michael Scarborough, John, Elgan, Ben Mor... (Cambridge), Sophia (SE director} Jordan Phizacklea-Cullen, Connor Cashell, Ellen Musgrove (Brighton), Callum Thomas, Stuart (Nottingham), Aura Bamber, Max O'Donnell (Sa), Maor Yavetz (Liverpool), Alex Sa... (Birmingham, Joanne Ball, Rutendo Dafan (Cardiff),Polly, Madhur (Oxford), Joanna Sparks, Molly Jones (York), Caitlin Agnes (Sheffield), Brandon Evans (Grou..).