Susan Hurley

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Susan Hurley

Susan Hurley is the Executive Director/Lead Organizer of Chicago Jobs with Justice.


Susan Hurley was originally from Rockford, Illinois "where I was raised by educators in public schools. I was taught early on the importance of unions".

While in college, her mother, Verna Hurley, ran for state representative in the 69th district in 1998 as a Democrat and Susan was her campaign manager. The family-run campaign was supported by organized labor and the state Democratic party. "We were unsuccessful, but I was hooked on political activism". She finished her degree in Political Science from Northern Illinois University in 2001.

After graduation, Hurley attended the AFL-CIO Organizing Institute and went to work for the Service Employees International Union, first on international staff and then as Lead Organizer at SEIU Local 20 (now part of Health Care Illinois-Indiana).

She then ran a voter canvass office for America Coming Together in 2004 in La Crosse, Wisconsin and then in 2005, was a Regional Field Organizer for in the Southeast, based in Atlanta. Hurley returned to the midwest and was Lead Organizer for the Campaign for Better Health Care until joining Chicago Jobs with Justice in August 2010.[1]

In all these experiences, I have learned that we absolutely have the power to build a better world together. I am honored and very excited to be Executive Director/Lead Organizer for Chicago Jobs with Justice and I look forward to working with you to win important battles and create a more just society for us all.

Peoples World banquet

On the theme "Let's put people back to work: rebuild America!" the Chicago Communist Party USA convened their 23rd Annual People's World / Mundo Popular banquet at Lee Wing Wah restaurant 2147 S. China Place, in Chinatown Square, December 5, 2010.

Keynote speaker Susan Hurley, director, Chicago Jobs with Justice

Susan Hurley, executive director of Chicago Jobs with Justice, said the economic crisis was brought on by the greed of Wall Street and big banks, and they should be held accountable for the millions who suffer with no jobs and little recovery.

Hurley said she got started in the fight for workers' rights and social justice through her mom, who comes from the "Evangelical tradition" and the Depression-era where waste of resources was unthinkable.

"Wasting human potential in the richest country of the world is unimaginable and morally outrageous. To think that Republicans in Washington want tax cuts for the nation's most wealthy Americans while millions are left out in the cold is morally outrageous," she said.

Lawmakers ought to be fighting tooth and nail for the needs of hard working families nationwide, including jobs creation and extending unemployment benefits, she said.

"Everyday people are struggling to make ends meet and we at Jobs with Justice and our allies are fighting for what is just and demanding it now," said Hurley.[2]

Also honoring CeaseFire, Equality Illinois, Immigrant Youth Justice League, Sierra Club of Illinois.[3]

Communist Party meetup

"Chicago: Tax the rich, end the wars, jobs for all!" Special guest, Susan Hurley, director of the Chicago Jobs with Justice joined to discuss the "Move the Money" campaign, a national effort to build support for the People's Budget of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

The campaign aims to change the national dialog away from "deficits" to taxing the rich and cutting the military budget to fund human needs.

At: Unity Center, 3339 S Halsted St.

Event is the regular monthly meeting of the Chicago CPUSA.[4]