Jaron Browne

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Jaron Browne

Jaron Browne

Ella Baker Center

In the early 2000s Jaron Browne[1]did organizing and campaign research against racism in the criminal justice system with the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights. Browne was trained as an organizer in Los Angeles at the Labor/Community Strategy Center operated National School for Strategic Organizing.


Circa 2005 Catalyst Project in San Francisco held a lecture[2]"Towards Land, Work, and Power", a study with organizers from POWER [People Organized to Win Employment Rights] on their new book, Towards Land, Work, & Power, looking at the political economy of the Bay Area and building an anti-imperialist movement based in working class communities of color. Presenters included Jason Negron-Gonzales, Marisa Franco and Jaron Browne.

Jaron Browne joined the POWER staff in July of 2002. He is helping to build a powerful campaign for community-driven, accountable and sustainable development among low-income homeowners and public housing residents as a lead organizer in POWER's Bayview Organizing Project.

Jaron Browne is also an active member of POWER's leadership development projects and a co-author of Toward Land, Work, and Power with Steve Williams.