Wilson Riles, Jr.

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Wilson Riles, Jr.

Wilson Riles Jr.is an Oakland California activist and politician.

The People's Convention

On July 14-16 (probably 1984) The Coalition for a People's Convention "a broad grouping in the Bay Area", organized The People's Convention in order to "unite on and present a people's program to the DNC and to network the many local efforts to win people's power from around the country. Its purpose is to enhance local efforts and amplify them into a united voice and demonstration for reorienting our society away from military aggression and towards meeting the needs of all our people".

Endorsers from the San Francisco-Bay Area included Wilson Riles, Jr. Member, Oakland City Council, San Francisco-Bay Area Peace Council.[1]

"Friend of DSA"


East Bay Democratic Socialists of America, named Wilson Riles, "friend of DSA, and other progressive movements", in the Democratic Socialist, January 1985.

DSA support


East Bay Democratic Socialists of America, endorsed and supported Wilson Riles, Jr., in his 1986 run for Mayor of Oakland.

Progressive Alliance of Alameda County

The Progressive Alliance of Alameda County held its founding conference June 1 and 2,1996, Federal Building Auditorium, Oakland California.

Individuals came from the New Party, Peace and Freedom Party, Green Party and the left wing of the Democratic Party.

Supporting individuals included;[2]

People's Weekly World Banquet 1997

Elected officials attending the the 1997 Bay area People's Weekly World banquet, at His Lordships, Berkeley Marina, included State Senator Barbara Lee Assemblywoman Liz Figueroa, Alemada County Board of Supervisors president Keith Carson and Berkeley vice mayor and City Council member Maudelle Shirek..

Honored were Brian McWilliams, Santa Cruz County Central Labor Council, Amy Dean, South Bay Labor Council, Wilson Riles, Jr. regional director AFSC and Art Rodriguez of the National Labor Community Coalition for Public Works Jobs.[3]

Endorsed Communist Party fund raiser

Peoples Weekly World, September 11, 1999

In September 1999, Wilson Riles, regional director AFSC, co-sponsored a Communist Party USA fund raising event in Berkeley. Rep. Lynn Woolsey co-sponsored the same event. [4]

War Times

In January 2002, a group of San Francisco leftists, mainly involved with STORM or Committees of Correspondence, founded a national anti-Iraq War newspaper War Times.[5]

Endorsers of the project included Wilson Riles, former city councilperson and progressive Oakland mayoral candidate.

DSA support


In 2002 East Bay Democratic Socialists of America supported Wilson Riles in his Oakland mayoral campaign and also supported a Just Cause Eviction municipal referendum. It also put together a forum that included progressive Democrats and Green Party gubernatorial candidate Peter Camejo.[6]

Not In Our Name

In August 2004 Wilson Riles endorsed an anti “Bush Team” Protest at the Republican National Convention in New York, organized by Not In Our Name, an organization closely associated with the Revolutionary Communist Party.[7]

DataCenter Donor

In 2007 Wilson Riles and Patricia St. Onge were listed on the DataCenter's annual report as donors to the organization. The Oakland, California based DataCenter is widely regarded as the intelligence wing of the United States Left and has close ties to Cuba.[8]

Bay Area New Priorities Campaign

Initiating signers, Bay Area New Priorities Campaign were;