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Timothy McDonald
Rev Timothy McDonald on The O'Reilly Factor

Rev. Timothy McDonald, III is the chair of African-American Ministers in Action. He is the Senior Pastor at the First Iconium Baptist Church, as he has been since May 1984.[1]

McDonald earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree (Magna Cum Laude) from Berry College in Rome, Georgia and his Master of Divinity degree from Emory University. He has taught and lectured at colleges and universities in Atlanta and around the country. He founded the African American Minister's Leadership Council. McDonald is married to Shirley (Neal) McDonald, and they have three children, Nikisha, Timothy IV., and Ebony.[2]

People for the American Way

McDonald serves on the People for the American Way's Board of Directors as well on the People for the American Way Foundation's Board of Directors.[3]

First Iconium Baptist Church

The Rev. McDonald hosts the First Iconium Baptist Church Social Justice Forum.[4]

23 Arrested over Bill to Repeal “Stand Your Ground”

In February 2014, for its fourth week of action, Moral Monday Georgia continued to tackle the issue of the state government’s enabling gun violence through the “Stand Your Ground” law and new legislation nicknamed the “carry anywhere” bill, HB 875, which allows concealed weapons in churches and bars, and minimizes fines for carrying on campuses. LOB Feb10

A Feb. 5 committee hearing on Sen. Vincent Fort’s bill to repeal Stand Your Ground was adjourned by Chairman Jesse Stone before any of the many supporters present (except for one expert witness) could testify. In response, 23 Moral Monday protesters accepted arrest on Feb. 10 for refusing to leave Senator Stone’s office, demanding that the hearing on SB 280 be continued so the public could be heard.

Six Democratic Socialists of America members were among those arrested: Greg Ames, Lorraine Fontana, Timothy Franzen, Daniel Hanley, Misty Novitch, and Roger Sikes. Others arrested included Rev. Timothy McDonald, Joe Beasley, Shawn Adelman, Ron Allen, Mary Britting, Britney Grey, Tabatha Holley, Darien Jones, Keiota Jones, La’die Mansfield, Peggy Marx, Jean Miller, Ronnie Mosley, Adam Quick, Reynaldo Roberts, Jacqueline Rodriguez and Heshimu J.D. Sparks.

The bail fund, was organized through the Georgia Civil Disobedience Support Fund. This fund is facilitated by representatives from the Atlanta Economic Justice Program of the AFSC, Atlanta Jobs with Justice, and Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America.[5]

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