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Sidney "Sid" Topol... whose parents were Polish immigrants, worked for Raytheon for 22 years, then became chairman and CEO of Scientific-Atlanta, a global communications business. He lived in Atlanta for 19 years before retiring and returning to Boston in 1990. What he found back home dismayed him,

"I was honestly shocked at the poor relations between blacks and whites in Boston, Atlanta had gotten a lot farther ahead of us. I came back to Boston and went to social and political events and was amazed. Where were the African-Americans?"

He began the Topol Family Fund, a charitable foundation devoted largely to fighting racism and poverty[1].

Americans for Peace Now

As of 2009, Sidney Topol was a member of the Board of Directors for Americans for Peace Now.[2]

JStreet advisory council

In 2009 listed members of the JStreet advisory council included Sidney Topol, Former Chairman/CEO, Scientific Atlanta Inc[3]

Jewish Alliance for Justice & Peace

As of Jan. 1, 2010, Topol was a member of the Honorary Board for the Jewish Alliance for Justice & Peace.[4]