Robert Sengstacke

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Robert Sengstacke

Robert (Bobby)Sengstacke

Muhammad Speaks

In the 1960s Robert Sengstacke contributed photographs to the Nation of Islam newspaper Muhammad Speaks under the editorship of Communist Party USA supporter John Woodford[1].

John Woodford expanded the newspaper’s coverage beyond simply a hard news journal with arguably the best coverage of Africa and the non-aligned movement in any U.S. newspaper, with features on the arts and music which were richly illustrated with photographs by Chester Sheard, Hassan Sharrieff and Robert Sengstacke.

Sengstacke was a staff photographer for the publication[2].


In 1987 Robert Sengstacke was a Member of the Executive Committee and a Board Member (Leave of Absence) of Chicago based Comprand (Comprehensive Research and Development)[3].

Black Press Institute

In 1987 Robert Sengstacke was on the Board of Directors of the Black Press Institute[4].