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The New Majority Education Fund was a project of the Tides Center. It was affiliated with the New Party.

Its website is archived back to December 6, 1998, when it was a site titled, "Social Justice Jobs." It shared that it was a project with the Progressive Organizing Program and Democracy Summer, which as projects of the New Majority Fund and Tides Center.

On February 6, 2007, the website transitioned to the National Open Ballot Project.


The New Majority Education Fund champions electoral fusion, a formerly legal voting procedure throughout the United States in the 19th century. It allows the candidate to list themselves as a major party candidate on some state ballots and as a third party candidate on other state ballots. It was used especially by Populists, the Citizens Party, the Union Party, and others.

Currently, it is legal in eight states and commonly used in New York and Connecticut alone.[1]

A 2002 version of the website lists Center for a New Democracy, a project of the Tides Foundation, as a resource on fusion.

Democracy Summer

In the 1999 version of the NMEF website, the Democracy Summer component stated that it was soliciting requests from local groups for interns. It stated that interns in previous years have worked with local chapters of the New Party, ACORN, Project Vote, Bronx Parent-Leadership Federation, Northeast Houston Community Action, Sustainable Little Rock, Westside Community Action Network (Chicago), Progressive Leadership Institute (New York), and Montana People's Action.

Interns have included Ilana Sumka and Keisha Hudson. (Ilana Sumka and Keisha Hudson). Adam Glickman is listed as the contact.

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