Leon Katzen

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Leon Katzen

Abraham Lincoln School

The Abraham Lincoln School for Social Sciences was a Chicago institution of the 1930s and 1940s, run by the Communist Party USA.

Faculty members were Morris Backall, Michael Baker, Frank Marshall Davis, Horace Davis, David Englestein, Morton Goldsholl, Pat Hoverder, Alfonso Iannelli, Leon Katzen, Ludwig Kruhe, Herschel Meyer, Henry Noyes, William L. Patterson, Fred Ptashne, Eleanore Redwin, Boris M. Revsine, Frank Sokolik, William Rose, Herman Schendel, Bernice Targ and Morris Topchevsky.

A South Side annex to the school was is located at 4448 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago. Dr. Walter S. Neff was director. Instructors included Albert George, Charlie Mitchell, Lester Fox, Geraldyne Lightfoot, Ishmael Flory, David Englestein, Irving Herman, Earl Durham, Claude Lightfoot and Walter Miller[1].

Communist Party member

In the early 1950s Katzen was treasurer of Communist Party USA in Illinois and was subject to several "black bag jobs" by the FBI[2].

In the 1959 Katzen was identified as a member of the Communist Party USA, and formerly was the section organizer of the Communist Party on the northwest side of Chicago[3].

At the time he was chairman of the Chicago Committee to Defend Democratic Rights

Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights

In 1965 Leon Katzen was a Board Member of Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights[4]


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