Lara Bergthold

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Lara Bergthold

Lara Bergthold serves on the People for the American Way's Board of Directors.[1]


Lara Bergthold is a Principal at Schein, a cause communications firm based in Los Angeles. Previously, she was the Executive Director of the Lear Family Foundation and the Hollywood Women’s Political Committee and the Director of Development for Act III Productions, Norman Lear’s production company. She has a long history of working with progressive nonprofits to reach out more effectively to the entertainment industry. In the 2004 presidential campaign, she served as National Political Director for General Wesley Clark’s presidential bid and then as National Deputy Political Director for the Kerry campaign, acting as a liaison to the entertainment industry. She is the Board Chair of People for the American Way and Campaign for America’s Future.[2]]

Campaign for America's Future

In 1996 Lara Bergthold, Act III Communications was one of the original 130 founders of Campaign for America's Future.[3]

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