Kenneth Riley

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Kenneth Riley

Committees of Correspondence conference

At the Committees of Correspondence National Conference and Convention, July 25-28, 2002 San Francisco State University.

Disarmament and the Military Budget. Panelists included: Kenneth Riley, David Bacon,, Marilyn Albert, Renee Saucedo, Angela Sambrano, Cathi Tactaquin, Marty Price, Patrice Sewell, Joan Cohen, Claire Carsman, James Campbell, Peter Orris, Thelma Correll, Edith Pollach, Amaha Kassa, Harry Targ, Steve Williams, Karen Talbot, Mort Frank, David Cohen.[1]

Free Mumia Abu-Jamal

In 2008 Kenneth Riley, President of ILA Local 1422, Charleston, SC signed a statement circulated by the Partisan Defense Committee calling for the release of convicted “cop-killer” Mumia Abu-Jamal.[2]

Labor Notes

In 2009 Kenneth Riley, ILA Local 1422 member and Longshore Workers Coalition co-chair, Charleston was a member of the Labor Notes policy committee[1].

Center for Labor Renewal

In 2009 Ken Riley was listed as an endorser of the Center for Labor Renewal[3].

Cesar Chavez National Holiday campaign

In 2009, Kenneth Riley, Vice President International Longshoremen's Association (ILA), Vice Pres. South Carolina AFL-CIO & President ILA Local 1422 (Charleston) was listed on the Advisory Council of the Communist Party USA initiated Cesar E. Chavez National Holiday organization[4]