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In The Fray Magazine is a non-profit magazine founded on April 9, 2001 by Victor Tan Chen and Alexander T. Nguyen.


An all-volunteer staff founded the magazine with the goal of helping readers better understand the experiences and perspectives of other people through powerful, personal stories on global issues. The magazine has published articles from writers and artists on all seven continents, winning national recognition from journalism and advocacy organizations, including an Excellence in Online Journalism Award from the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association and nominations from the National Press Photographers Association and the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (2005, 2006, and 2007). We hope you will visit often and join the debate.[1]


The magazine's mission statement is found on their website:[1]

"InTheFray is an online magazine for writers and artists to explore global issues and engage readers with personal perspectives and critical analysis."

They also list five core goals for their organization:[1]

  • to promote global understanding and equality through the power of journalism and art.
  • to function as a nonprofit entity, without relying on commercial interests for support.
  • to publish superior writing and artwork in a professional manner, with the help of a large team of committed, volunteer staff.
  • to produce a site that is the collective perspective of our many writers, artists, and staff members.
  • to cover issues that are of interest to the progressive community (including inequality, race, gender, sexuality, and the environment), but to welcome other perspectives on these issues, so long as they meet our standards of high-quality, honest writing.


The following worked for the magazine as at May 27, 2009:[2]

Board of Directors

Advisory Board

Editorial Board

Contributing Editorial Staff:


The following have financially supported In The Fray:[3][4]

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