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Giuliana Milanese and Bill Sorro

Guiliana (Huli) Milanese is a San Francisco activist and the widow of Bill Sorro.


Bill Sorro and Giuliana Milanese met in Cuba in 1970. They were part of the second Venceremos Brigade, a U.S. group that took trips to Cuba to support the revolution and work side by side with Cubans. The two married in the I-Hotel in 1973[1].

Communist Party dissidents

On November 15-16 1991, 30 dissident members of the National Committee of the Communist Party USA convened a meeting to "sign a statement of events" - most or all signatories were soon to break with the party and were later to form Committees of Correspondence.

The signatories included Giuliana Milanese, Northern California[2];

Communist Party reformer

In 1991 Giuliana Milanese, Northern California, was one of several hundred Communist Party USA members to sign the a paper "An initiative to Unite and Renew the Party" - most signatories left the Party after the December 1991 conference to found Committees of Correspondence.[3]

Institute for Social and Economic Studies/CrossRoads

In the mid 1990s Giuliana Milanese served[4]on the Board of Directors of Oakland based Institute for Social and Economic Studies- sponsor of CrossRoads magazine, which sought to promote dialogue and building new alliances among progressives and leftists... and to bring diverse Marxist and socialist traditions to bear while exploring new strategies and directions for the progressive political movements.

CoC National Conference endorser

In 1992 Giuliana Milanese, CoC, San Francisco endorsed the Committees of Correspondence national conference Conference on Perspectives for Democracy and Socialism in the 90s held at Berkeley California July 17-19.[5]

CoC National Coordinating Committee

The following are listed in order of votes they received as members of the Committees of Correspondence National Coordinating Committee, elected at the Conference on Perspectives for Democracy and Socialism in the 90s held at Berkeley California July 17-19.:[6]

Committees of Correspondence

In 1997 Giuliana Milanese served on the National Co-Ordinating Committee of the Committees of Correspondence.[7]

Sacramento Marxist School

On Oct 17 2002 Giuliana Milanese lectured at the Sacramento Marxist School on Anti-Racist Organizing.[8]

Center for Political Education

In 2003, a panel of speakers Guiliana Milanese, Susan Atwood, Malik Miah, Betita Martinez and Warren Mar spoke in a discussion entitled: "The Socialist Left of the 70’s and 80’s: What Worked, What Didn’t." This discussion was moderated by Steve Williams and Michelle Foy. The event was held at the San Francisco based Center for Political Education, an organization closely associated with the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism.[9]

Committees of Correspondence convention

At the CCDS 6th National Convention July 2009[10]in San Francisco, Charlene Mitchell was honored for her work.

The event was chaired by CCDS Chicago leader Mildred Williamson and was sponsored by the Kendra Alexander Foundation, represented by Eric Quezada. Angela Davis, Hon. Claudia Morcom, Giuliana Milanese and Carl Bloice recalled in loving and glowing terms how Charlene had mentored them and encouraged them through various battles, personal and political.


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