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Bill Kemsley

DSA "Greetings"

In 1990, 39 people, plus "Seattle Democratic Socialists of America" and the "San Diego local", signed a "Greetings" ad in Democratic Left, September/October, 1990, page 23. Most signatories were known members of Democratic Socialists of America. Signatories included couples Ann Kemsley and Bill Kemsley.

In Memorian

William Kemsley, died in 1990, aged 82, in Burlington, Vermont. A long time Democratic Socialists of America member, Kemsley organized for the UAW in Detroit during the Depression. After WW2 Kemsley went to Berlin to help re-build unions there. In 1950, he was education director of the 650,000 Michigan CIO Council. From 1951 to 1954 he served with the Marshall Plan in Paris, as head of the Labor Training Section. He then became the United Nations rep. of the ICFTU and its New york office director.

After retiring to Vermont in 1961, Kempson served 18 years on the local Labor relations board and as member of the DSA Labor Commission.[1]


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