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Anthony Russo , also sometimes referred to as Tony Russo, was a co-worker with RAND Corporation analyst Daniel Ellsberg when they released, in 1971, most of the classified "Top Secret" study on U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War.

Involvement in Far-Left Groups

Russo eventually became involved in the general Hanoi Lobby and its protests (CITE), the extremely far-left/anti-intelligence groups known as Counterspy Magazine and the openly pro-Hanoi American-Vietnamese Friendship Association {CHECK FULL NAME OF ORGANIZATION).

CounterSpy Magazine

Russo was identified in the SISS Hearing on OC5, March 26, 1976, as being listed on the Advisory Board of "CounterSpy" magazine, Spring/Summer 1975 edition. He was listed as "former Rand Corp. employee" (p. 14).

On page 18, the Senate Subcommittee's witness, Rep. Larry McDonald (D-GA), described Russo as follows:

Russo was listed as one of the "Contributing Editors" of "CounterSpy" Magazine in their December 1976 issue, Col. 3, Number 2, among others. "CounterSpy" was published by the Fifth Estate Publishing Company, Washington, D.C, as a magazine of the far-left Organizing Committee for the Fifth Estate OC5. This was an organization, started and funded in part, by marxist/alcoholic Pulitzer Prize winning writer Norman Mailer and a mix of communists, anti-military Vietnam veterans and members of the CPUSA-legal front, the National Lawyers Guild NLG[1].

Russo's Obituary and Information/Misinformation Contained in It

Anthony Russo passed away on August 6, 2008. The Washington Post ran a major obituary about him that appeared in the Los Angeles Times written by Elaine Woo, W.P. Aug. 10, 2008, Page C7, "Anthony J. Russo; Aided in Pentagon Papers Leak". Woo's article contained some gems of information about Russo's pro-Viet Cong sympathizies as well as some "disinformation" about the Gulf of Tonkin incidents.



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