Adam Tenney

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Adam Tenney

Adam Tenney is the educational director of Young Communist League USA. He has lived in Columbus Ohio since 1999.

Early life/education

Adam Tenney was born in Akron, Ohio, in 1981. He graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in Animal Sciences. Received a Masters Degree in early childhood education and special education from Mercy College in New York.[1]

Communist Party

Tenney joined the Young Communist League USA in 1999. He became a member of Communist Party USA in 2004.[2]

Latinos for Peace

On October 31 2009, Latinos For Peace issued a statement calling for “no escalation of the war in Afghanistan and for expedited withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and Afghanistan as well as an end to the coup government in Honduras”.

More than 100 activists endorsed the call, including Adam Tenney, New York.[3]

Supporting Obama

In May 2008, Adam Tenney and Gabe Falsetta volunteered with the Obama For America 2008 campaign office in Philadelphia, to help with a "get out the vote" drive[4].

In November 2009 Tenney told scoop/daily[5];

“We support Obama...It’s amazing that he was elected…but I think a lot of people on the left, progressives, are really grappling with where they fit in... we support a lot of the policies he’s putting out there.”

Members of the YCL have, Adam Tenney says, been advocating for health care reform and the inclusion of a public option, as well as the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act – goals that they share with many of their Democratic colleagues.