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Abby Rapoport

IPS connections

Institute for Policy Studies founder Marcus Raskin penned a eulogy to to the late Bernard Rapoport, 'Remembering Bernard "B." Rapoport' April 23, 2012, for the IPS website;[1]

B. identified deeply with those who suffered most. He remained passionate about labor unions even in times when some liberals shunned them. He never forgot his roots, some of which were communist and humanist.
Through his long life, B. retained his passion for independent projects, such as the Texas Observer, and the Institute for Policy Studies, which I co-founded and he supported for almost 50 years. He had great affection for my colleagues at IPS, including writer Barbara Ehrenreich and former director Robert Borosage, who went on to build the Campaign for America's Future.
B. was a man of ideas. He was nimble to adapt to the times, and understood that today’s movement for the 99 percent had its roots in many earlier social movements.
B.’s vision lives on in Audre, Ronnie, and Ronnie’s family, wonderful people about whom B. never tired of sharing stories. B.’s granddaughter Abby, an unusually perceptive journalist, interned at IPS the summer before Barack Obama’s election and helped IPS assemble a detailed “Mandate for Change” for the Obama presidency.


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