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U.S. Labor Against the War is a partner organization of the Institute for Policy Studies.[1] USLAW was founded at a Chicago conference in January of 2003 by between 125[2] and 200 delegates from unions, labor councils, regional and state labor bodies, allied constituency groups, labor antiwar committees, worker centers and other labor organizations.[3]

February 13, 2003 Press Conference

The objective of the press conference was to build publicity for and participation in the labor contingent which USLAW and LC4PJ were organizing for the antiwar demonstration in San Francisco on Feb. 16, 2003.[4] The following union leaders spoke at the press conference;


The stated principles of USLAW formulated on October 25, 2003[6] are to advocate, educate and mobilize in the U.S. labor movement for:

  • A Just Foreign Policy that will bring genuine security and prosperity to working people. A policy that strengthens international treaties, supports human rights institutions, respects national sovereignty and upholds the right of self-determination for all peoples.
  • A foreign policy that solves disputes by diplomacy rather than war.
  • A policy that promotes global economic and social justice rather than the race-to-the-bottom, job-destroying, discriminatory practices favored by multinational corporations.
  • An End to U.S. Occupation of Foreign Countries, replaced by the reconstruction of war-devastated nations with the full support of the international community and the full participation and decision-making power of affected peoples.
  • Redirecting the Nation's Resources from inflated military spending to meeting the needs of working families for health care, education, a clean environment, housing and a decent standard of living based on principles of equality and democracy.
  • Supporting Our Troops and their Families by bringing the troops home now, by not recklessly putting them in harm's way and by providing decent compensation, veterans' benefits and domestic policies administered without discrimination that prioritize the needs of working people who make up the bulk of the military.
  • Protecting Workers' Rights, Civil Rights, Civil Liberties and the Rights of Immigrants by promoting democracy, not subverting it. Ethnic, racial and religious profiling and stereotyping must be replaced by policies that promote dignity, economic justice and respect for all working people.
  • Solidarity With Workers and their Organizations Around the World who are struggling for their own labor and human rights, and with those in the U.S. who want U.S. foreign and domestic policies to reflect our nation's highest ideals.
USLAW protest, 9/24/05


2008 Steering Committee, Officers[7]


All National Organizations and Large Local Unions (10,000 or more members) automatically have a seat on the Steering Committee (2008):

  • CWA
  • IBT Local 743, Chicago
  • AFSCME Local 371, NYC
  • AFT Local 1021 (UTLA), Los Angeles
  • AFT Local 2190 (UUP), New York
  • AFT 2334 (PSC), New York City
  • APRI
  • CLUW
  • CNA
  • CWA Local 1034, New Jersey
  • CWA Local 9119 (UPTE), CA
  • NEA P&J Caucus
  • Pride at Work; SEIU Local 1, IL
  • SEIU Local 1000, CA
  • SEIU Local 1021, SF
  • SEIU 1199NE, New England
  • SEIU Local 1983 (CFA), CA
  • SEIU Local 32BJ, NYC
  • SEIU Local 509, MA
  • SEIU Local 521, CA
  • SEIU Local 615, MA
  • SEIU Local 73, IL
  • SEIU Healthcare, PA
  • SEIU UHWE (1199), NY/MD/MA
  • UE
  • UFCW Local 1776, PA
  • UFCW Local 5, CA
  • UNITE HERE Local 5, HI
  • UNITE HERE Local 2, SF
  • UNITE HERE Local 11, So. CA

Small Local Unions

  • CWA Local 1180, NYC
  • AFT Local 212, Milwaukee
  • BMWE Local 3014
  • National Writers Union/UAW Local 1981
  • USW Local 675, El Segundo, CA
  • CWA Local 9415, Oakland.

Two seats were left vacant to be filled to meet diversity objectives.

Regional Labor Organizations: CA Fed. of Teachers; UNITE HERE Chicago & Midwest Joint Board; So. Carolina AFL-CIO. One seat left vacant to be filled later.

Central Labor Bodies: Philadelphia; So. Central WI; SF. Two seats left vacant to be filled later.

Local Allied Labor Organizations: AFSCME Retirees Chapter 36, LA; Philadelphia CLUW. One seat left vacant to be filled later.

Ad Hoc Labor Antiwar Groups: Chicago Labor for Peace Prosperity and Justice; Central Coast Workers Against War.

Other (Non-Union) Labor Organizations: Center for Labor Renewal; Ohio Labor Party; Vermont Workers Center.


2008 Steering Committee, staff[8]

2008 Leadership Council Meeting Participants

A table-formatted list of the "2008 Leadership Council Meeting Participants" came from the U.S. Labor Against the War USLAW,website of www.uslaboragainstwar.org, with an address of PMB 153, 1718 M Street, N.W., Washington DC 20036. The list was framed with "Organization; Type; State; Name: Title, slighlty rearranged by KW because of formatting. They were:

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