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Steve Culen

Harold Washington campaign committee


In i983, Steve Culen served on the Harold Washington Campaign Steering Committee.

DSA member

In 1986, several Chicago Democratic Socialists of America members, including Roberta Lynch, Steve Culen, Paul Booth, Nancy Shier, Hank Scheff and Bob Lawson were involved in AFSCME's contract negotiations with the City of Chicago, which included an "historic breakthrough on the issue of comparable worth".[1]

1991 DSA dinner

Chicago Democratic Socialists of America's annual Debs-Thomas-Harrington dinner was held on Saturday, May 11 at the Congress hotel. It honored labor stalwarts Steve Culen, Executive Director of Council 31, AFSCME, and Kathy Devine, Labor editor and Co-Coordinator of the Illinois Labor Network Against Apartheid.

Demma Strainville, Chair of the Ontario New Democratic Party Parliament Caucus spoke at the dinner.[2]

Memorial for Carl Shier

There was a memorial for Chicago Democratic Socialists of America leader Carl Shier at Weinstein Brothers in Wilmette on Friday, May 18. 2007, Despite the brief notice, hundreds attended. The current and past AFSCME Council 31 directors, Henry Bayer and Steve Culen, spoke. Deborah Meier and Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky also shared their memories, as did two of Carl's nephews, Paul Blumberg and Dick Sard.[3]


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