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Solidarity is an independent socialist organization dedicated to forming a broad regrouping of the U.S. left.[1]

Solidarity was formed as part of a project of regrouping of the U.S. Left. This publication, as part of this project, presents many points of view. As such, debates are frequent and informative, and the level of analysis is very high. Against the Current's goal is to promote dialogue among activists, organizers, and serious scholars on the Left.

A check of the current leaders of "Solidarity" as well as their Advisory Committee shows a strong presence of former members of the Trotskyite Socialist Workers Party and its youth arm Young Socialist Alliance, most of whom joined and were very active in the late 1960's through the early 80's when the SWP fragmented into several factions and split-off groups.

Against the Current Journal

Against the Current is the journal of the U.S. Trotskyite organization, Solidarity.

Among the members of "Against the Current" staff and Advisory Committee in 2010 are the following former members of the SWP:


Advisory Board:

Congressional hearings that include the YSA/SWP identifications of some of the above include:

  • - "Trotskyite Terrorist International", Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, Hearing, July 24, 1975
  • - "National Peace Action Coalition NPAC and Peoples Coalition for Peace and Justice PCPJ, Paarts 1-4, House Internal Security Committee, 1971
  • - "Subversive Involvement in the Origin, Leadership and Activities of the New Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam and Its Predecessor Organizations, HISC, Staff Study, 1970
  • - "New Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam", Part 1 & 2, HISC, 1970
  • - "Extent of Subversion in Campus Disorders: Testimony of Max Phillip Friedman", Part 2, SISS, Aug. 1969/Oct. 1969

People's Progressive Convention

In 1992, a "call" went out to leftist radicals and communist revolutionaries of various orientations to hold a national People's Progressive Convention in Ypsilanti, Michigan, August 21-23, 1992.

Endorsers included Solidarity .

Radical Scholars & Activists Conference

In 1993 Solidarity was an endorser/sponsor of the Midwest Radical Scholars & Activists Conference. The theme of the conference was, "Popular Empowerment in the Clinton Era". The conference was held between Oct. 29 - 30, 1993 at Loyola University, Chicago.[2]

Solidarity with Sept. 24 FBI Raid Activists

The Committee to Stop FBI Repression lists Solidarity as one of the organizations that has issued a statement of solidarity in support of the activists raided in the September 24, 2010 FBI Raids.[3]

Solidarity Summer School 2015

Black Lives Matter! The Police State and Mass Incarceration Organizers from the movement(s) against police brutality and mass incarceration will speak about the state and future of the movement and the relationship of racial state violence to capitalism and class struggle, the labor movement, and the oppression of LGBTQ people. Featuring:

Neoliberal Assault and Popular Resistance A panel will discuss the nature of neoliberalism and what is different about both ruling class strategy and working class resistance in the neoliberal era. Speakers will address more specific aspects of attacks and resistance including ecological struggles, Black Lives Matter and anti-racist struggle, and more. Featuring:

The Politics of Trans Liberation Organizers from around the country will discuss various areas of trans activism and politics, including basic terms and ideas around trans politics, efforts in the labor movement and workplace organizing, intersectionality and the work of trans people of color, and anti-violence organizing. Suggested readings. Featuring:

Teachers' Unions and Education Reform Speakers will cover big picture questions around education reform and privatization as part of the neoliberal agenda, as well as particular organizing projects such as union reform caucuses. Featuring:

The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Grassroots Organizing and Non-Profits In their 2007 book, The Revolution Will Not be Funded, INCITE: Women of Color Against Violence presented a collection of essays that raised an alarm about the “non-profit industrial complex” which, they argued, posed clear and present dangers to grass-roots organizing projects. Yet, community-based non-profit organizations, from workers’ centers to immigrant rights and environmental justice groups, are organizing some of the most exciting struggles and taking on the most pressing issues facing working-class people. This workshop will be an opportunity for participants to confront the challenges that INCITE has posed and to identify the organizational and strategic elements of transformative organizing work. Featuring:

Socialist Perspectives on the Bernie Sanders Campaign and Independent Political Action Presenters will give two different socialist perspectives on the Bernie Sanders and his primary campaign, followed by a longer period of participatory discussion. This workshop is designed to give attendees the space for an in depth collective discussion of the campaign and its meaning for the left and the future of independent politics. Featuring:

Women's Activism and Contemporary Feminist Politics Socialist-feminist activist and author Johanna Brenner will speak on the state of women's activism today to introduce a workshop focused on collective participation and dialogue about relevant issues in feminism. Featuring:

Building the Next Left Steve Williams, a veteran community organizer and co-founder of Left Roots, and Lucia Lin, Left Roots member, will speak about the Left Roots project in order to kick off a discussion concerning strategies for building a movement for 21st century socialism in the U.S. Participants will be invited to respond based on their own ideas and experiences. Featuring:

Gendered Violence This workshop will focus on education and discussion about gendered violence. Background, reference, and case study material will be provided, and some time will be allotted for participants to review the material in order to inform the discussions. Small groups will discuss individual, community, and organizational responses to gendered violence, as well as strategies for building cultures of resistance to gendered violence. Featuring:

Neoliberalism, Colonialism, and the Puerto Rican Debt Crisis Rafael Bernabe, who ran as the Working People's Party of Puerto Rico's candidate for governor, will address U.S. colonialism and the debt crisis in Puerto Rico, as well as anti-austerity efforts on the island. Suggested readings. Featuring:

Converging Storms Part 1: The Crises of Energy, Capitalism, and the Environment Part 1 first briefly reviews the approach of the eight-week "Converging Storms" class series given in Los Angeles on the converging crises of energy, capitalism, and environment. It then presents a compressed version of the class, focusing on critical building blocks comprising its substance, as well as its unique, cutting-edge analytic framework. We start with the centrality of energy and biosphere for all life on earth, consider pivotal ways in which fossil-fueled energy use has generated climate change and other dangerous disruptions of our environmental and social systems, analyze the role of capitalism in precipitating such developments, and explore current efforts and possibilities for progressive change. We also will bring home the implications of our approach, suggesting why the earth's ecological crises should be centrally positioned in our overall assessment of capitalism today, and in the development and application of our strategies for progressive social change. The workshop will employ a Socratic method, engaging class participants with the presenters throughout the session, and also end with time for full discussion. Featuring:

Converging Storms Part 2: If "This Changes Everything," does that include socialists and socialism? Part 2 will begin with a short synopsis of material covered in Part 1, highlighting what we think are the most important implications of the Converging Storms "big-picture" analysis of the intersecting ecological and social systems for society today. We will then explore some of the more critical issues this analysis raises for "system-changers" today and their efforts to build a movement (e.g. the significance of capitalism's imperative for growth, the ways ecological conscerns reposition our labor strategies, and how these converging crises of energy, capitalism, and environment situate issues of "otherness"--including race, gender, and class--at a central faultline in our struggle for life's future on earth). We then will use the majority of the session for an extensive, interactive discussion with workshop participants on what we all think needs to be done, given the analysis--and ecological and social considerations--raised in our session. Featuring:

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