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Professor Scott Carter

Union for Radical Political Economics

Between 2009 and 2010, Scott Carter served on the Steering Committee for the Union for Radical Political Economics, an alternative professional organization for left political economists and an intellectual home for academics, policy-makers, and activists.[1]

Green Country DSA

In 2017 Scott Carter was affiliated with Green Country Democratic Socialists of America, Tulsa Oklahoma.

November 4 2017, near Tulsa, OK, With Suzanne Schenewerk, Jon Mctavish and Scott Carter


Green Country Democratic Socialists of America December 1, 2017;

How do we spread the word about Oklahoma socialism? Tonight, a few of our members braved the cold and the crowds of First Friday to let people know how to get involved in building the movement. Thanks to everyone who helped out and everyone who stopped by--we hope to see you again soon! — with Josh Navarro, Emily Eldredge, Scott Carter, Caroline Sanstead, Suzanne Schenewerk and Jorge Roman-Romero.