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Norm Childress is married to Carina Atherton-Childress

CCDS meeting

A Midwest Regional Meeting, of the Committees of Correspondence For Democracy and Socialism, was convened at Wesley Foundation, Indiana, November 13 2004.

Agenda:Reports and Discussion on CCDS activities and our role in 2004 election

  • New forms of struggle and organization were created in the movement to defeat Bush--how can we sustain them?
  • What are the most urgent foreign policy questions to be addressed now?
  • What are the strategic roles of the labor movement, youth movements, and racially and nationally oppressed communities?
  • What is effective organizing and what is not?

Speakers included:

Norm Childress,Indiana labor leader Mildred Williamson, Illinois Health Care Professional Ira Grupper, Kentucky Middle East Solidarity activist Carl Davidson, Illinois Peace and Justice Voter 2004 Marilyn Albert, Socialist Education Project (CCDS) Attieno Davis, CCDS National Office.[1]