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Mike Smith

Mike Smith


According to Workers Voice No 16, 1992 union officials deeply involved in promoting Workplace Reform at Bluebird, Auck are Warwick Jones, Peter Devlin, Engineers union educator, Mike Smith & Working Womens Resource Centre co-ordinator, Jo Taylor

In December 1999 Smith was one of 8 unionists from Labour Party interest groups who advised Margaret Wilson on her new Industrial Relations legislation.[1]

Trade Union Education Authority

In 1989, Smith was an educator for the NZ Engineers Union, Wellington, Trade Union Education Authority.

Electoral Reform Coalition

On September 14, 1992, Smith was a signatory to Electoral Reform Coalition sponsored advert in the Evening Post, promoting MMP.

NZ Labour Party

Smith was the General Secretary of the Labour Party from 2001 - Sept. 2009.[2]

As Secretary of the Labour Party, Smith's name was to appear on all election advertisements at the 2008 Election Campaign following the passing of the Electoral Finance Act.

On April 14, 2001 Listener Magazine stated that Smith was, one of the inner circle of power, kneecappers and gatekeepers in Labour/Alliance Government.

NZ Fabian Society

Smith is on the Board for the NZ Fabian Society.[3]

Young Labour Summer School 2010

Smith is listed in the 2010 Young Labour Summer School Preliminary Programme as being scheduled to speak on Jan 10, 2009 on the subject of the NZ Fabian Society.[4]