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Michael Leone

Michael Leone aka Kuznetsov, was in 2013, Houston club chair of the Young Communist League USA.[1]

Protestors support professor


Michael Leone, left, and Fabian Sneevliet show their support for professor David Michael Smith outside the College of the Mainland administration building Nov. 2013, . The school’s administration has recommended Smith’s employment be terminated.[2]

Harris County Democratic Socialists

In 2013, Michael Leone was involved in the Harris County Democratic Socialists - a part of Democratic Socialists of America.[3]

Communist Party


Michael Leone, Houston, Texas, submitted a paper to the CPUSA's 30th National Convention,"Convention Discussion: The Communist Party of tomorrow."

There has been a lot of discussion on the ideological commitments of the Communist Party USA, and I am glad to see that comrades across the country recognize this issue and have put a lot of thought into answering the many arising questions. I think it's no secret by this point that our party is coming out of an identity crisis, and this clash of directions has manifested itself in many areas of discussion, from surface issues like names and symbols to the deepest content of the ideology of our party. As a Young Communist, I have to be humble in putting in my contribution alongside those who have decades of experience in the working class struggle.

Communist Party convention

Naquasia LeGrand. Michael Leone. Rasheen Aldrige, Communist Party convention

At the June 2014 Communist Party USA 30th convention Chicago - Friday evening, the People's World hosted a panel discussion on organizing low wage workers that included Howard Kling, Secretary of the International Labor Communications Association AFL-CIO, Change to Win, Rasheen Aldrige, St. Louis Can't Survive of $7.35 strike leader, Young Activists United, Naquasia LeGrand (Fast Food Forward Colbert Show guest), Elce Redmond and Ada Fuentes of Jobs with Justice, Michael Leone, Terrie Albano, co-editor of People's World, and Judith LeBlanc, field director of Peace Action.[4][5]

Houston Socialist Movement


In 2016, Michael Leone was involved in the Houston Socialist Movement.

YCL at UH closed Facebook group

Young Communist League at UH closed Facebook group, as of January 25, 2018.

Admins and Moderators

Anti-Trump flier


August 2017, a flier was pinned to a bulletin board on the campus at the University of Houston. The flier is a recruiting tool to gain more membership for the school's Young Communist League (YCL), and their aim is to counter what they call "Trump's fascist regime" and "terrorist hate groups."

The Communist group was one of the first organizations last week to urge the Houston City Council to remove the "Spirit of Confederacy" monument at Sam Houston Park. Last Saturday hundreds of people marched at the park in favor of the order. The protest was led by Houston's Black Lives Matter.
"We must stand united against Trump's fascist regime and its Nazi henchmen, affirming that our university is a safe place for people of all ethnic backgrounds and is not safe for racist, terrorist hate groups."
A UH history student named Michael Leone is the chairman of YCL. According to the group's Facebook page, Leone will attend the World Festival of Youth and Students this October in Sochi, Russia.[6]


Houston Young Communist League added an event. September 28, 2017;

This will be the second general meeting of the Young Communist League at the University of Houston for the Fall 2017 semester.
Michael Leone will deliver a full report on representing the YCL as a delegate to the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi, Russia.
Other topics of discussion will include a brief intro to the YCL for newcomers, getting involved in the YCL leadership, and updates on anti-fascist activity and coalition building.

Bernard Sampson, chair of the Houston Chapter of the Communist Party USA, will be giving a guest presentation on the history of the YCL in a global context.[7]

Scenes from Sochi

Sochi Venue entrance
Delegates dislay flags
Michael Leone with North Korean delegate
Russian delegates
Russian Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov
Russian Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov addresses the Festival
Inside the stadium