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Lynne Serpe

Lynne Serpe is a Grant Officer at One Point of Light Foundation. ) She is a community organizer, environmental activist, urban gardener, consultant, electoral reform advocate and politician, based in Astoria, Queens, New York City. She was the Green Party candidate in the 2009 New York City Council race for New York’s 22nd District, which includes Astoria, Long Island City and parts of Jackson Heights, and finished second in that race. She ran again for the same office in 2013 on the Green Party line and again finished second, defeating the Republican candidate and two other independent challengers.


New Zealand

From 2002 to 2003, Serpe was hired by the New Zealand Parliament as National Voting System Reform Coordinator. In this capacity, Serpe campaigned in November 2002 to pass a binding referendum in Auckland in favor of single transferable voting (STV), a method of voting that allows proportional representation. Serpe argued that STV was essentially a multi-partisan reform: "The electoral reform movement draws its strength from its non-partisan foundations. No one political party is favoured over another ‒ STV favours the voter.

Involvement with Global Peace and Justice

On Monday 11th February 2002, a meeting was called to discuss the formation of a Network for Global Peace and Justice. The purpose of such a network was to help strengthen the efforts of the many groups already working on a whole variety of issues and to perhaps give a collective voice to concerns they hold in common. The meeting was held in the Trades Hall, 157 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland, Monday 8th April. The invitation to this had the following footnote: "Yours in Solidarity, Terry Dibble, Maire Leadbetter, Mike Treen, John Minto, Jane Kelsey, David Colyer, Lynne Serpe, Len Richards, Love Chile, Geraldine Peters. Treen , along with veteran activist John Minto, comprised the two main contacts for this left-wing pressure group Global Peace and Justice which was primarily Auckland based. As Treen was to say: "Over the last few years I have also been one of the main leaders of Global Peace and Justice Auckland which organized the large antiwar marches around the Iraq war and intervention in Afghanistan and tries to network all the groups in Auckland concerned with peace, justice and globalization issues.

Political run


2013 candidate for New York City Council, 22nd District.