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Karen Silkwood Fund


Karen Silkwood was a young woman who was reportedly trying to expose safety hazards at the Kerr-McGee Nuclear Corporation's plutonium production plant in Oklahoma. She was killed in a car crash that the Left claimed was a deliberate murder to prevent her from handing over internal safety documents to a New York Time's reporter. The Left rallied around her death and formed the Karen Silkwood Fund, a project of the far-left Youth Project.

A tax-exempt fund was set up entitled Karen Silkwood Fund, Youth Project, Box 10037, Washington, D.C., 20018 to investigate her death and alleged involvement of Kerr-McGee, the FBI, and other government agencies to cover up alleged safety violations at the Kerr-McGee plant.

Fundraising Letter of April 1979

The Youth Project sent out "An Urgent Note From: Bella S. Abzug to a select mailing list in April, 1979 detailing their investigations into Silkwood's death, and explained a lot about it, the case, and related issued.

Among the groups that were involved in the case were:

Other individuals and organizations that would become involved in this case included:

  • Daniel Sheehan - a very radical and often irrational leftist attorney who did win a major financial settlement for the Silkwood family from this case. He would later be best known as the loose legal cannon of the Christic Institute, a religious far-left legal organization who tried to get charges brought against American supporters of the freedom-fighters of Nicaragua, a case that was totally thrown out of court after several years of legal harassment of the defendants.
  • Sara Nelson - Sheehan's wife, she was a leader of NOW who provided legal support to the Silkwood case
  • Rep. Bella Abzug Bella Savitsky - Abzug had one of the longest record of support of the Communist Party USA and its various fronts of any member of Congress in its history (only challenged by the records of Dellums, Conyers and Crockett, Jr). She was elected from what was known as the "Communist Party seat" of Lower Manhattan where the CPUSA had much of its strength in terms of members and sympathizers. She was active in CPUSA youth groups in the 1940's, jointed the cited CPUSA legal front, the National Lawyers Guild NLG, and attended an international convention of the cited Soviet international legal front, the International Association of Democratic Lawyers IADL in Czechoslovakia about 1947. She was also a financial contributor to the CPUSA front/publication Jewish Currents, which opposed the blatantly anti-semitic CPUSA faction, the Jewish Commission of the CPUSA and its publication "Jewish Affairs.

She was also a founder of the CPUSA-dominated Women Strike for Peace organization, being one of their representatives from New York. Another WSP leader was Pauline Rosen, who turned out to be a co-founder of the Communist Party USA, and the leader of their front, the "National Center for a Drastic Cut in the Military Budget]], among many others.

Abzug has never been publicly identified as a member of the CPUSA but internal security specialists have stated privately that they have seen documents proving it, and those proving that her husband, Martin Abzug, was also a secret member of the CPUSA.