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Freedom was founded by Paul Robeson with assistance from Louis Burnham. Much like SNYC's Cavalcade, it was a radical Left political publication with a strong interest in culture.[1]


The publication Freedom was published monthly by Freedom Associates, 53 West 125th Street, New York 27, New York. Its editorial board consisted of Paul Robeson, Chairman; Revels Cayton, Shirley Graham, Alphaeus Hunton, Modjeska Simkins, Louis Burnham, and George B. Murphy, Jr. It is interesting to note that the printer's symbol number 178 which appears on the publication in order to identify the place where it was printed and the local of the printer's union, is also found on virtually every other piece of Communist Party USA propaganda printed in the New York area.[2]



The Newspaper featured the work of, among others, playwright Lorraine Hansberry, playwright and fiction writer Alice Childress, novelists Lloyd Brown, Julian Mayfield, John O. Killens and poet Frank Marshall Davis.[1]