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The Civil Society Institute is a nonprofit and nonpartisan think tank that concentrates on the problems with gridlock and polarization in public policy making, the constraining effect of ideology and 'politically correct thinking' of problem solving and the need for honest communication and genuine dialog.[1]


  • Pam Solo, Founder and President of the Civil Society Institute
  • Gail Pressberg, Senior Program Officer
  • Andrea Pamfilis Camp, an advisor to the Institute and a recent Senior Fellow
  • Matthew Pawa, is the director of the Global Warming Litigation Project at the Institute
  • Elyse Rosenblum, Director of Special Projects for the Institute and a consultant
  • Frank Smith was a Senior Fellow at the Civil Society Institute.
  • Corinne Whitlatch -Director of the Civil Society Institute's Washington program.
  • The Hastings Group -The Hastings Group serves as CSI's strategic partner in communication strategy.[1]

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