Arturo Cambron

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Arturo Cambron

Arturo Cambron ia a Los Angeles activist. He is the husband of Rossanna Cambron.

Los Angeles Workers' Center

The Los Angeles Workers' Center, also known as The Red house, or the Casa de Trabajadores, is a non-profit educational corporation, run by the Los Angeles Workers' Educational Society, Inc., which in turn is run by members of the Los Angeles Communist Party USA.

As of 2010;[1]

"Occupy LA"

On Tuesday, October 11, 2011 8 pm, the Communist Party USA held a national teleconference to discuss the “Occupy Movement” which already spread to more than 200 other cities.

Arturo Cambron, of the Communist Party USA and the Occupy Los Angeles Movement, was the key speaker on the call;[2]

Southern California Party leader Arturo Cambron will share how the CPUSA and Young Communist League (YCL) are working in “Occupy Los Angeles.”
This movement, also known as the “99% movement,” is being hailed across the country. Movements and organizations are reaching out in solidarity. The AFL-CIO is opening union halls and offering other material assistance. Ordinary people are donating food, money and materials.
A big challenge for the CPUSA and left, progressive movements is to link these demonstrations with the labor led all-people’s coalition and help deepen understanding that the path to progress must be through electoral and political action including defeating Republican Tea Party reaction in 2012.
Of primary importance is linking it with the burgeoning fight for jobs and especially passage of the American Jobs Act.
We can also play a role in offering more advanced programmatic ideas like nationalizing the banks and socialism.
To have a positive impact, the CPUSA and YCL must be a part of the “Occupy” movement, participating at every level and building greater local support for the actions among labor and progressive forces.

New member phone bank


New member phone bank Public · Hosted by Communist Party USA.

Saturday, April 15, 2017 at 11 AM - 4 PM EDT

Your living room

We're organizing a phonebank to our new members on Saturday and we need your help. The callfire service allow you to make the calls from home, using your smartphone, laptop or deskstop. You'll get a real charge from talking to them! Aint' nuthin like it!! Please click "going" if you can make calls! Thanks!

Those invited to participate on on Facebook included Arturo Cambron.