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Abdullah Younus is a New York activist.

Yateem team

Abdullah Younus, an organizer for Democratic Socialists of America, says that the group’s New York City chapter received over a hundred applications for their support for city council races, eventually settling on two candidates. One of them is the Lutheran Rev. Khader El-Yateem, the first Palestinian Christian to run for city council in the city’s history. El-Yateem fit the Democratic Socialist platform on a few important platform issues — criminal justice reform, support of nonviolent protest of Palestinian occupation — but, most importantly, he singled himself out as the only candidate in his district from either side of the aisle to refuse money from real estate developers.

Now, El-Yateem has 60 socialists volunteering, knocking on doors and creating original videos for the campaign. DSA canvases for El-Yateem in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, every day, taking on 30 to 40 shifts a week.

“We can promise people an army,” Younus, who volunteers as DSA field director for El-Yateem’s campaign, said.

According to Younus, his organization’s involvement proved instrumental in garnering El-Yateem more money, more manpower and more petition signatures than any other candidate in NYC’s 43rd district.

The DSA inherits its model from the Sanders campaign — a loss ultimately, but one that gave birth to a new paradigm for political organizing. Duhalde identified two lessons mainstream Democrats can learn from Sanders’ campaign model — a model which shattered fundraising records and garnered Sanders unexpected wins in states like Michigan.[1]

Democratic Socialists of America Pride!

Democratic Socialists of America Pride! NYC LGBTQ & Friends was the official unofficial planning group for a DSA contingent at NYC Pride on June 25th, 2017.

Closed Facebook Group members, as of May 31 3017, included Abdullah Younus.[2]


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